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Children's Party Design

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Customised children’s parties invitations and decorations

Celebrate the wonder, quirkiness and joy of your child’s personality.  

Delight your child – and your guests – with bespoke hand painted invitations, party decorations and party bunting.

You choose the colours, the theme, the subject, the feel. Let your imagination soar. 

Childhood is so fleeting. Capture the moment, and create a memorable, meaningful celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

Children’s party invitations

Build the anticipation early, by sending out your bespoke invitations. I offer two options:

You can choose the fully customised approach, with each invitation lovingly painted just for you, and you receive the original artwork.

Or you can keep things simple, with an original design that I reprint for multiple invitations.

Children’s party decorations

Create an event to remember, with hand-painted watercolour bunting, wall decorations, table settings and more.

You can also choose from a selection of my previous children’s party designs.

These existing designs give you a convenient way to quickly add a touch of artistry to your child’s party.

Children’s party styling

I create exquisite styling for children’s birthday parties.

Talk to me about developing a bespoke design that captures the spirit you want for your party. 

We can create a personalised theme, and bring it to life with beautiful decorations.

Decorations that last beyond the party

Because you receive the original artwork when you order a Party by ELK Prints design, our party pieces make exceptional wall art.

Many of my clients continue to use these party pieces afterwards as bedroom and nursery decorations, as a beautiful reminder of that special occasion. 

I also paint bespoke nursery wall art and toddler flashcards. These include animal alphabet flashcards, Australian animal flashcards, woodland animal flashcards and custom flashcards (which make gorgeous gifts).

See examples of nursery wall art and flashcards

Find out more about the beautifully evocative designs I can create for your child’s party. Get in touch.

creation is not a process of creating something new and innovative but rather is a process of distilling the essence of those attributes we have appreciated and reflecting that back so that other people can see and respect and hopefully love what we have loved.
— Elizabeth Kelly, ELK Prints