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bespoke wedding designs

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Customised wedding invitations and wedding decorations

Your relationship, your story and your wedding is different to everyone else’s. 

Celebrate that difference with original hand-painted stationery and decorations. 

Every decoration, every invitation is ever-so-slightly different, reflecting the uniqueness of you, your wedding and your guests. 

This allows you to plan how your design story unfolds across your event, weaving a gorgeously cohesive journey for your guests, from the first invitation through to the subtle touches on every table.


Design inspired by emotion

My wedding design briefs often start with a feeling. An intangible emotion. An expression of yourself and your partner and your love story. It can feel impossible to put into words. 

The central theme might be a flower, or a place, a symbol, a shared passion you want to infuse throughout your wedding.

That’s my challenge: to create the perfect artistic interpretation of your brief, and help you create your perfect wedding. 

I believe in the moment. That moment that captures you and entrances you but it is fleeting and is gone and never recaptured as other new moments sweep in and capture you instead and you are left just with that faint trace memory of feeling you had with that moment - in all these invisible layers that make up your depth as a person but are impossible to pinpoint
— Elizabeth Kelly, ELK Prints

A memorable, meaningful moment in time

Your wedding will be whirlwind. A beautiful flurry of emotions and laughter and tears and snatches of heartfelt moments that spark and disappear like fireworks. 

Let me capture those moments, those feelings. Let me build layers of meaning into every piece – layers of ideas, textures and brushstrokes. 

Let’s talk about the designs, decorations and invitations I can create for your wedding.

I believe in Art – the beauty of the brushstroke, the significance of the original artwork with all its richness and depth of colour and texture.
— Elizabeth Kelly, ELK Prints

A note on wedding stylists

If you have a wedding stylist, I can work in harmony with their vision. 

I often collaborate with stylists to create a wholistic design journey throughout your whole event. I can also help you develop the brief for your stylist or event planner to incorporate my designs.

If you are a wedding stylist, let's chat about how I can help you bring your vision to life. I look forward to working with you to create something truly spectacular for your clients. 

I also offer a diverse range of custom illustrations, extending beyond paper decorations. 

Contact me to talk through your wedding styling plans.