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Australian Animal Flashcards

Australian Animal Flashcards

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This set of 12 beautiful hand-painted Australian Animal flash cards feature different Australian animals: a koala, kangaroo, emu, wombat, echidna, numbat, platypus, ring-tail possum, kookaburra, superb lyrebird, sulphur-crested cockatoo, and a rainbow lorrikeet.

Each card is individually hand-painted with watercolours on quality 300GSM card stock so they have a lovely rich finish unlike a product that is reprinted. No two animals are completely alike as each one is painted to order. 

Choose between the original artwork finish on textured watercolour paper stock or a matt cello protective glaze. The original finish is a good choice if you wish to hang, frame or keep the cards as an heirloom piece and to appreciate the beautiful paintings. The cello laminate glaze meanwhile is the perfect choice for playtime so that your cards will stay protected from sticky fingers. 

Perfect for teaching your child about Australian Animals they can also be framed and used as nursery wall art if preferred.

The set comes packed in a presentation card box.

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