Graphic design and Illustration

Sydney  design & WATERCOLOUR illustration Studio

Make your mark on the world, with beautifully evocative design

I create beautiful bespoke designs and illustrations for businesses and individuals.


Custom-made party decorations and stationery

Delight your guests with bespoke invitations and decorations that set hearts aflutter.

Party by ELK Prints creates hand-painted watercolour originals for your party, wedding or celebration.

Corporate graphic design

Let your business stand out from the crowd, through our corporate graphic design for branding, marketing and print publications. 

ELK Prints is a Sydney-based corporate graphic design service specialising in print media.

Custom illustration service

Tell me what you want to capture, express or reflect. I provide custom illustrations for books, gifts or creative projects.

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Who is ELK?

ELK is me: Elizabeth Louise Kelly Ong. 

I am a designer, an illustrator. A lover of parties and celebrations. A professional Sydney-based graphic designer with extensive corporate print design skills. 

A watercolour painter, capturing the joy and excitement of a special celebration. 

I am an explorer of ideas, an interpreter, a burrower: distilling the essence of your brief to discover the heart of what you really want. 

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My inspiration. My passions. My world. 

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