Graphic design and Illustration

About ELK Prints

Evocative. Artisanal. Meaningful.

I’m Elizabeth Louise Kelly Ong. ELK Prints is my graphic design and illustration studio. 

“ELK” is the initials of my maiden name and was also my childhood nickname. “Prints” reflects my love of paper, art and nature and is indicative of my specialty as a print media designer. 

I am also a mother to one beautiful little boy and a wife to one loving and supportive husband. Love and creativity is at the heart of everything I do. 


Professional design services

Since leaving a full-time position in a commercial design and marketing studio, I have focused on providing design services for two groups of clients:

1. Freelance graphic design for corporates and small businesses.

2. Hand-painted customised party stationery and decorations for weddings, children’s parties and other celebrations through ‘Party by ELK Prints’. 

I also offer a custom illustration service for book illustrations, gifts and creative projects. 


My business, my loves

ELK Prints is not just my business, but also a reflection of my life, the things that inspire me, the people I admire, the experiences that fuel my own creativity. 

I hope that by engaging with my work, people can share my love of the amazing beauty, textures and complexity of the world around us.

I’d like to share with you the inspiration behind my business and my design work. I’ve captured my feelings and motivations in two streams of consciousness that I call my Manifestos. 

I hope they uplift and inspire you too:


I love art - the textures, the colours, the movement, subtly, variety and beauty of creating images that touch a deep emotional chord. 

I love parties and events - celebrating the milestone moments that define us. Designing for events is a joyous explosion of creativity - taking a theme and creating remarkable interpretations that delight guests. Parties possess a positive spirit - the happiness and warmth of a gathering of family and friends to have fun and enjoy life. They also involve cake which is one of life’s essential treats. 

I love nature, the beauty of flowers, the amazing diversity present within our botanical world - so many fascinating textures, shapes, colours and forms. Even a single species of plant has seemingly infinite varieties to astonish you.

I love paper, books, magazines - so tactile and engaging, every piece of paper tells a different story, reveals a different passion and takes the reader on a journey.

I love architecture - the city with its richness of life and opportunity, the creativity of forms that we humans have constructed. The density of experience and diversity of life that moves within it’s streets. 


Discover more of my work, inspiration and life in my blog.