Graphic design and Illustration

Custom illustration studio

ELK Prints provides a professional custom illustration service, offering couture illustrations and paintings on a commission basis. 

I bring my passion for art, painting, and the wondrous world around us, to create bespoke artwork to meet a whole multitude of needs.


Brilliant variety, endless possibility

My custom illustration services are as varied and eclectic as the clients I work for. I get a real thrill from the potential of new projects, new forms of illustration, and previously untraveled avenues of artistic opportunity. 

Within this webpage, I share some of my most recent projects – please consider these as inspiration. They are suggestions to fire your imagination, so together we can conceive of new ideas to explore.

My next project could be a book illustration, a fabric design, a painting of a much-loved home, bespoke wall art for interior design…

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My illustration styles

While I primarily work in watercolour, I am proficient in a range of artistic styles. Here are some thought-starters:

Botanical Beauty

Calligraphy and Illumination


Chinese Brush Painting

Travel Sketches

hand-Cut Paper designs

I’m always open to new experiences, and I love playing with new styles and subjects. Every custom project I tackle is different, requiring a new artistic style, and a fresh approach to my art.
— Elizabeth Kelly, ELK Prints

My custom illustration process

I love the art of distilling the raw essence of my client’s Brief; that goose-bump feeling of knowing I’ve captured their thoughts and desires.  

After our initial briefing and discussion, I first create a pencil drawing for your approval. This is where your idea takes flight. 

Then, based on your feedback, I proceed with the fully fledged final illustration. This final artwork can take anything from hours to days; I fully immerse myself in the process, and relish every brushstroke.

And, just as each project is different, so too is the end result. In some instances, your artwork will be the original handcrafted piece – a true one of a kind. For other times when multiple copies are required, such as book illustrations, I may provide high-resolution digital versions of my original artwork.

I believe in Fluidity; of water, of paint, of going with the flow. I believe in Lightness; of air, of touch, of drifting and not being weighed down by things. I believe in the ethereal; of fire, the flick and dance of the flames, the flair and passion and heat and unpredictability. I believe in solidity; of earth, of having substance and weight and presence within the world…
— Elizabeth Kelly, ELK Prints