Graphic design and Illustration

Celebrations and events


Customised invitations and decorations for celebrations and events

Infuse your event with your personal touch. Enchant your guests with meaningful yet artistic creations that elegantly showcase your taste and style.  

Our hand-painted, hand-crafted paper artworks are custom-made to help you create the perfect ambience for your special event.


Add a touch of luxury and distinction

Let your imagination soar: allow me to create luxury invitations, thank you cards, table settings, bunting and more, to make your celebration a memorable moment in time.

I create unique designs based on your preferences: you can evoke a theme, a place, a person or a feeling of joy. I then lovingly hand-paint and hand-craft every piece in watercolour: you receive the original artworks, not a reprint.


Create an event with style 

I am inspired by ideas, with my background in design I can work with you to create a gorgeous look and feel for your entire event. Taking your guests on an immersive journey from your celebration’s beginning to end. Whether it's working with alongside an event stylist or planner or just advising you on how to DIY your perfect loo – discussing how to create the perfect style for your event is all part of the service. 

To view some of the celebrations I have styled click here.

I believe in the moment. That moment that captures you and entrances 
you but it is fleeting and is gone and never recaptured as other new moments sweep in and capture you instead and you are left just with that faint trace memory of feeling you had with that moment - in all these invisible layers that make up your depth as a person but are impossible to pinpoint
— Elizabeth Kelly, ELK Prints

Be inspired by these beautiful designs

A selection of my previous custom designs are now available for purchase. Ready to send these pieces are still original artworks, hand-painted by me for you, but they arise from existing designs. This gives you a convenient and cost-effective way to splash a little artistic panache across your event.

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