Graphic design and Illustration


ELK Prints is a graphic design and illustration studio based in Sydney. Specialising in print media ELK Prints offers a range of commercial graphic design services. Party by ELK Prints is an illustration subsidiary of the business offering both custom 'couture' illustration services as well as a range of products to accentuate your party or event. 

Corporate branding, promotions and marketing

My background is in corporate design working for both small and large corporate organisations. From initial branding and logo design through to using an existing brand identity to create promotions and marketing material ELK Prints is here for your business. 

Magazine and Publication Design

The layout and formatting of longer publications is one of my key areas of expertise. I have had many years of experience laying out magazines, annual reports, cook books and other long format documents. Putting together a cohesive design across multiple pages and working with editorial text is a challenge I relish and enjoy.

Invitation Design

I love creating beautiful invitations, the combination of graphic design, illustration and beautiful paper inspires me. At ELK Prints invitation designs are all custom made to reflect the event you are hosting and the look and style you desire.


I love working with watercolour paints, the colours, textures and aesthetics of paint are so beautiful to work with. Watercolour illustration forms a key component of my celebrations work and can also form part of some corporate projects where appropriate.

Styling Pieces for Celebrations

I love celebrations and parties and I have developed a unique range of hand-painted watercolour styling pieces for adding a special decorative touch to your special event or celebration. I also love working directly with stylists or clients to create a bespoke design specifically tailored for that event.