and now for an update…

Today my little boy is 14 months old. A year and two months in which life has followed a different pace and rhythm. My little blog has been in mothballs ever since he was born, not knowing what I wanted to share of my own happiness and pride and being busy juggling the demands of caring for my son and running my small business. 

14 months on and my boy is running around confidently on his own two feet. His current passions are for playing with pebbles, reading Nibbly Mouse and eating cheese. He is keen on pointing out the things he wants in life, 'Music on, Mummy', 'Time for a walk, Mummy" and 'More cheese please'. In return I get to spend much of my day observing the wonderful variety of shapes and textures and colours in the white pebbles along the side of our garden. I observe the spectacular spray of yellow blossoms on the wattle each day as we pass it on our daily morning stroll along the footpath. I enjoy dancing around our living room with my son as the iPod blares out the kind of music usually reserved for nightclubs and we are loving it. 

Whilst he naps during the day I tackle any freelance graphic design jobs I have going on and in the evening when he's asleep in bed I take out my paints and I am busy painting. If I don't have a commission piece to do then I work on producing more products for my new Party Shop and I'm loving this new surge of creativity. Sleep can wait. 

There are a lot of updates I need to share still, events from the last 14 months, more beautiful images from our holiday to Japan and other more recent local road-trips undertaken. These will gradually appear over time but I also want to start sharing some of the things I am doing now, the new work I am producing, the new observations I am discovering. Nothing will be in any logical chronological order any more but I don't think that matters. All that matters is this, enjoying life and living it, creating beautiful work and loving spending time with my family and friends. 

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