Mooncake Festival 2015

Mooncake Festival 2015

The traditional Chinese Autumn Moon Festival is one of the events I've taken to my heart since meeting my husband. I love the combination of pretty lanterns lit up in the evening, the concept of admiring the moon's beauty and indulging in beautifully decorated sweets - the moon cakes that really define this festival. 


Each year we raid the Chinese Stores to buy the prettiest and most unusual tasting moon cakes we can find - we particularly love the Malaysian brand Casahana for their creative moon cakes. There are the traditional style flavours, lotus seed, taro, pandan and then some with a more western twist - espresso chestnut or Crimson Opera inspired by a red velvet cheesecake for example.  It is also a nice excuse to get out some of our beautiful plates to present them on and this year I have some beautiful flowers leftover from another event (details to be revealed later in the year) by Fiddlesticks Floral Designs to make a spectacular Moon Festival display with.

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