Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming and the daylight hours are shorter and less ideal to watercolour painting. For the months of June/July/August I will only be taking a limited number of bookings for illustration jobs.  During this period I’m going to take some time to get organised ahead of the spring abundance of flowers and upcoming celebrations. I'll also be embarking on a major blog update sharing all the amazing beautiful work I’ve created over the last couple of years so expect lots of pretty inspiration shots to be shared soon!

Image Credit: Bigstock by Shutterstock

Image Credit: Bigstock by Shutterstock

The winter months are also better suited to snuggling up in front of the fireplace, under a warm blanket with my laptop. So for the months of June/July/August I’ll be offering some special deals on corporate graphic design and print media layouts. I’ve got a ton of unused stock library credits to use up as well so it’s the perfect time to hit me up for some marketing collateral.

The following offers all include graphic design and layout using either your own provided brand imagery or stock photo imagery. The deals also include the printing and delivery as specified in the details. Deal valid for the months of June/July/August 2017 only. Normal graphic design rates resume in Springtime. If you love the idea of updating your marketing collateral but are looking for a different format or quantity or need some new specific content generated then that is also possible, just drop me an email at and I will put a special rate together for you. 

Winter Deal #1
500 DL flyers (210gsm)

Winter Deal #2
1000 A6 postcards (300gsm / matt or gloss laminate)

Winter Deal #3
100 A4 8-page booklets (150gsm)

I'm currently planning the Winter Season Styling Report with beautiful tips on styling a beautiful celebration. So keep an eye out for that in your inboxes soon or signup to the mailing list via my contact page if you haven't already. In the meantime you can check out some ideas for staying warm and cosy during a winter dinner party by clicking here. 


Finally, there's some frustrating news to share though. It has come to my attention that the contact form on my website has been broken and has likely been broken for several months. So please if you have tried to contact me recently and haven’t heard from me I have not ignored you - technology has failed me. The form has been fixed again now but please send me a DM/PM or direct mail at and I would love to talk to you and work with you to create some beautiful watercolour and design magic. I am rather heartbroken that this has happened and I have no way of knowing who tried to reach out to me - hopefully some of you see this message.

Check me out on pinterest to get a feel for what else inspires me.